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Accpet.Authorize.Net Server response delay/errors

For years our software has allow our clients the ability to process payments using transact.dll end points. We are aware of the transition to TLS 1.2 exclusive support and have implemented measures to meet these requirements. We have also transitions over to using the Hosted payment forms using the api end points.


We can successfully retrieve tokens and direct end user to these hosted form, however our issue is the delay in response, server responses of intermittent 500/503 errors, or an operation timeout in general from the [controller.execute].

We are currently using the .net SDK 1.9.3


We have implemented the hosted payment form using the iframe/lightbox technique with the communicator.

Is there any performance measure we can take on our end to retrieve a faster, more reliable response from the api end points?
Are there more event listeners we can implement in the iframe communicator to get better tracking on payment processing?

How can we eliminate the 500/503 errors and the occasional operation timeouts?



Hi @micduncan


You can use Webhooks for getting realtime notifications for payments done and double check .



Also we are starting working on our Accept Hosted 2.0 soon where we will removing the iframe communicator and moving to post messages instead . 



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Moderator Moderator

Hi @micduncan


Yes we may see little  delay in getting the notifications in some cases . 


In your use case i will recoemmended using the transactionID receieved from the Accept Hosted and calling our getTransactionDetails API to retrieve the details



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Thank you again for your prompt response. Based on the details provided with the transactionDetails api, our team is moving forward with a polling service. Right now our system already records audits of requested transaction with the hosted payment form. When we generate the paymentForm token requests, we are passing in the audit's unique id as the poNumber for the transaction. After which we retrieve a list of unsettled transactions and do a post comparison against poNumber, transaction Amount, and Order InvoiceNumbers.

Earlier you had mention your tam is moving towards Accept Hosted 2.0. How will this affect the current implementation of our current Accept Hosted? Would 2.0 relieve our necessity of polling?


Thank you,

Michael Duncan

 Hi @micduncan


Your current integration wont have any impact as Accept Hosted 2.0 changes  will be under a new version number .


We will be removing the iframe communicator and using post messages for returning the responses from Accept Hosted . 



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Good Morning,


Our Authorize.Net module has just recently started experiencing more 500 server errors. This is happening on several end points such as, getUnsettledTransactions, getSettledTransactionByBatchId, getCustomerProfile, etc.

We are currently using 1.9.3 Sdk and ensuring all network communication is over a TLS 1.2 protocol.


The few lines in our business logic that is returning the 500 errors are shown below.
If controller IsNot Nothing Then
          System.Net.ServicePointManager.SecurityProtocol = System.Net.SecurityProtocolType.Tls12
          controller.Execute(If(_testMode, AuthorizeNet.Environment.SANDBOX, AuthorizeNet.Environment.PRODUCTION))
         Return controller.GetApiResponse
End If

*the controller object is a reference to the various controllers defined within the sdk depending on the action we are trying to perform.





Is there something we can do on our to further dianosis this issue?

Good morning! Looks like payments cannot be processed currently, the AuthNet service is returning 200 but the message says "An error occurred during processing. Please try again." when making the "AuthorizeOnly" call, and no other data is in there. Is anyone aware of the issue? It has critical impact on us currently.


Hello @DmitryEvmenov


If you are experiencing issues with your live production account, please contact customer support by phone at 877-447-3938.



@DmitryEvmenov Did you find out any more information?  We have been receiving errors as well over the past 48 -72 hours, but we also have successful transactions going through.