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Adding PayPal integration gives an error

Can anyone help with adding PayPal to my account?


When I grant permissions to PayPal (both sandbox and production), I get this error on

"There has been an error while processing your request. Please try again."


I found this same issue previously discussed in 2017 here, but it seems like it was a known issue that was solved.


I opened a support case, but after two weeks it was closed and I got this reply:

I'm sorry the case was closed. It was closed because at this time we dont have an eta on when this will be resolved. Our engineers are working on getting Paypal fixed at this point, We will hopefully get that fixed soon.


Can anyone confirm that you are able to link PayPal to


I had this case open for one month and had no update. They could have just told me that that feature doesn't work.


There currently is an issue with linking Authorize.Net and PayPal. We are working on it with our PayPal partners. I don't currently have an ETA, but troubleshooting is in progress.

I am also facing exact same issue. Is your issue resloved? any recommendation how to solve this issue.? Can any one please help?


This issue is resolved. Please give it a try.

I faced similar kind of issue last time, I am still searching for some proper solution




I am new to My Wells Fargo rep advised me utilized PayPal payments. This was my only requirement, otherwise I needed to go with Clover. After trying multiple time I cannot get it to work. The process takes me to PayPal, I log in and accept all the permissions is being granted but then I get the same error message. It's terrible to see this issue has been going on for years now. Has anyone got this to work and if not, why is this still an option that banks reps are being told works?? If I don't get ability to accept PayPal deposits in the next 24 hours, then I need cancel this and go with Clover. Please let me know if this issue can be escalated or if there is another area I can lodge the complaint to be able to escalate this. 


  Also, please advise the following, that another portion of PayPal had entry for. "Third Party Permission Username" Also referred to as "API username". There were no instructions to go through PayPal and give authorization in this manner but maybe this is a step that could help?

update to my initial reply abd questions. In goign through more option web pages on PayPal, I found a page that showed authorised API thid party permissions. There was with all the permissions that I had authorized when first attempting this. It even showed the API name for, which is "". This means that Paypal has done their part and authorizations are in place. The failure seems to be in soley. Just more info, incase it helps. 


View Third Party

  • Third Party Username
  • Organization
  • Authorize.Net LLC

Granted Permissions

For more information about the permissions you are viewing, see Third Party Permissions.

Use Express Checkout to process payments.

This permission enables Authorize.Net LLC to take the following actions:
  • Grant permission for PayPal Express Checkout which enables you to receive payments from buyers.
  • Obtain your Pal ID (PayPal assigned identification number) and location of your merchant account.

Read More

Issue a refund for a specific transaction.

This permission enables Authorize.Net LLC to issue a refund to a buyer for PayPal, debit, and credit card transaction.

Read More

Authorize and capture your PayPal transactions.

This permission enables Authorize.Net LLC to take the following actions on your behalf:
  • Authorize PayPal transactions on your behalf
  • Capture previously authorized transactions
  • Extend the authorizations period for any PayPal transactions received by you
  • Void PayPal transaction authorizations

Read More

Obtain information about a single transaction.

This permission enables Authorize.Net LLC to access and retrieve information about a single transaction between you and a buyer, including:
  • date
  • amount
  • status
  • email address
  • phone number
  • shipping address


2nd update: Issue resolved.


 I went in today (day after attempting and failing multiple times) and it just worked, doing the same exact steps. Here is why I believe was the root cause. If you have a pre-existing PayPal account, you probably never encountered this error on This may only occur with very new accounts as there is a few hours (or days it states) verification of certain info you provided to PayPal when opening a new business account. 

  I have another business PayPal account but one that I opened in the 2000's. I didn't remember the exact process and I'm sure a lot has changed. After opening a new account and going through all I thought I needed, I eventually went back in and found a section that required a picture ID to be uploaded and then reviewed. This is where it stated it could take days to review and lift the restrictions on my account. None of this was intuitive and I only found this after all the failed attempts getting PayPal going under Was I found and carried out this step, I figured this might be causing the error on side; can't ad an account for payment if it has major limitations in place. 

   I figured I would now have to wait a few days for PayPal to review and lift the restriction but that seemed to happen overnight or the next morning. The first thing I did was go into PayPal to check on the restrictions. Looks like the picture ID was reviewed and accepted and all restrictions lifted. I now had a fully working new PayPal account. As soon as I went to, everything worked to sign up my PayPal with them. Even if I would have carried out all the steps with the new PayPal account, before attempting to sign it up under, I am pretty sure I would still have had the error because PayPal would have taken till the next day to lift all the restrictions. 

  So basically what needs to do is add a BOLD disclaimer on the paragraph to enable payments with PayPal. Advise that this step cannot be carried out if a new account has just been made. Also advise to look through all the PayPal settings and ensure the photo ID is uploaded, reviewed and approved. Once the PayPal account is fully functional, only then setup PayPal with

Last update: I am done with


  After all this mess (read above), and I being the one that figured it out, turns out the PayPal option is only usable through API's. This was a huge cavit that no one with "mentioned" and my bank rep was totally in the dark about. API.s are the code that can be inserted into a third party payment system or business website and thus will give a button for the PayPal payment option. PayPal does not work naitively with and the invoicing option under Not to mention that the invoicing optoin is super simplified and not professional looking at all AND does not have any PayPal option, only a pay by credit card option. So basically is not a worthwhile single service that I can utilize for invoicing my customers, for service work (not retial product sales). I would have to sign up and pay for yet another service that does provide invoicing (that looks profesional) and then add to process credit cards and PayPal. 

  Well back to using PayPal for all this, like I have been doing for almost a decade now. PayPal has a good professinal looking invoicing (for serivices or products) and the ability to process credit cards as well as payments from customer's PayPal accounts (PayPal balance or their PayPal's inhouse credit line). The latter is what my main cleints pays me through.

 This was a total waste of time but the majority of the blame is on my Wells Fargo bank rep that sold me on this serivce. I stated that accpeting PayPal and having professional looking invoices was my two top priorities and they said had this. I even asked them for Screen shot examples of this invoicing system and they could not readily provide me this simple request. There is still blame with as their cuatomer support is poorly trained in all the in, outs and what have yous. Bettr in house training is needed. I also hope that someone at Authorize.nets learns somthing here and reaches out to their partners, at banks like Wells Fargo Merchant services, to give them better training.