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Adding Payment Profiles During Transactions

When I'm creating a regular old charge-card transaction, I can pass "createProfile" to automatically create a CustomerProfile and a related PaymentProfile, which is great.


Later on, if the same customer returns and checks out again, the "profile" portion of the response returns E00039 and provides the ID of the existing CustomerProfile, which I don't mind too much and is actually quite helpful in a way.


However, if the same customer returns and checks out with different payment information, (specifically, in my testing with card number 4111 1111 1111 1111, I changed the expiration date) I'm still getting E00039, whereas I think I would prefer to create a new PaymentProfile for the existing CustomerProfile.


Is there a simple way to accomplish this?  I don't necessarily want to complicate my workflow by making a bunch of profile-related calls.


Thanks very much.