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Another Credit processing question (AIM)

I've been going round and round trying to figure out why my credits won't process properly. I keep getting an incorrect card number message despite what I use. I know I have the right number and I've submitted it as both 'XXXX0000' as well as '0000'. I tried both ways because I've found conflicting information on this forum. I wish I had a good PHP example to follow since there might be something I'm missing. I'm not sure why the downloadable sample only has VOID as a refund example and not a more inclusive refund and partial refund example.


Here's the first part of my code:


if ($METHOD_TO_USE == "AIM") {

   $transaction = new AuthorizeNetAIM;    




       'trans_id'=> $confcode,         

       'amount'=> $refund,                 

       'card_num'=> $ccnum,  //currently set for last 4 digits only      

       'type' => "CREDIT",          



$response = $transaction->authorizeAndCapture();    

if ($response->approved) {...


Is that the correct way to start the refund process? Any idea why I might be getting the card number error?


Thank you in advance,



Shouldn't it be

$response = $transaction->credit();



Thank you, that was it. I appreciate the help.


It would have been great to have that in a sample php with the sample application.