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Any way to export data from CIM?



I need to export our customer data from CIM as we're looking to change our recurring billing provider.  Ultimately we'll still be using, but we were using Chargify as an additional layer to handle dunning emails and such.  To import into a new system, I'd need to access the billing data in a non-masked form, preferably via the API  Is there anyway for me to do so?





Good Morning Kevin,


Through specific getXXXXXXX requests you can extract customer profile, payment profile, and shipping profile information.

Due to PCI restrictions Authorize.Net WILL NOT pass back unmasked credit card details via the CIM API.


You must contact the customer directly to obtain and upload credit card data to your new provider.


Thank You!

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Trusted Contributor

Well, that puts me in a very bad situation.  I expect attrition rate to be extraordinarily high if I ask my customers to re-enter their credit card details.  At the same time, being locked into my existing recurring billing vendor is creating endless headaches for me.  Meanwhile, seems to have locked up my customer data.  I didn't realize I would basically lose access to my customers by doing so.


But, thanks for the information.

I completely understand your frustration, however to follow strict PCI DSS compliancy guidelines real-time gateways are not allowed to display the full credit card number, expiration date, and/or cvv2 numbers.


This information can not be provided in CSV download or through an API call. The ability for this information to be compromised if your account credentials are ever stolen is extremely high.


 I do share the same frustrations with you as I've had to port over 5,000+ credit card numbers from CIM to BrainTree; 


Good Luck My Friend!

Thanks for the clarification.  I guess I naively assumed that if I originally was entitled to see the data that I would still be considered a trusted party fo the purposes of PCI DSS compliance.   Lesson learned.

Not a problem; I don't think you were naive in your original assumption at all; If the gateway did implement some sort of private/key public key authentication to decrypt download data on the trusted users desktop it would be a win-win for everyone.



I'm in exactly the same situation you're in. I've been in Chargify, and now I'm looking at switching. Its a pain since Chargify doesn't have their own CC vault and uses CIM, effectively locking you out of your own data.


There are a few recurring billing providers that don't use CIM and give you full access (encrypted of course) to all your customer data. Recurly and Braintree are two. Recurly in particular seems to offer the secure CC vault at a lower cost while still giving you access to your customer's information down the road. Data portability is important!


Since this is the forum, I guess I'll take the opportunity to encourage any official reps to SERIOUSLY consider allowing customers to securely export their data (with encryption, keys, etc of course) from CIM. Without this functionality, CIM is a black hole that I'll never have anything to do with.

Hi, I am in the crazy process of trying to figure out if I should use CIM/Chargify for my recurring or if I should use a recurring processor like Recurly.


Did you figure out a way to transfer your data from


Chargify tells me that it is 100% possible to transfer your data from CIM -- is that true?


Thanks in advance for your response.




Hi AJ,


For security reasons, there is no way to export your full credit card data from CIM once you've stored it on our servers. You can get the last four digits of a card, but not the full number.





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So there is no way to transfer user information from CIM to another PCI compliant company directly ie Recurly?