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Did you mean: CIM SOAP API getCustomerPaymentProfile error

I have implemented CIM API for my custom solution. Everything was working fine before.

Now when I trying to load any customer information with customer profile id and customer paymen profile id using SOP API of CIM it is getting failed.

I am getting following error "SOAP-ERROR: Encoding: object has no 'unmaskExpirationDate' property" when trying using "getCustomerPaymentProfile" function of CIM API via merchant sandbox mode.

While with XML API for CIM of "getCustomerPaymentProfile" function returning ferfect but this error is only with SOAP API.

Below is the SOAP urls that I am using for sandbox account,

Gateway WSDL: "  /omegle  "

Test Gateway Url: "  /voojioshagle "

Have anybody faced such issue recently?