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Did you mean: - CIM integration - ProfileID is NOT getting generated

Hi All,


We decided to integrate Customer Information Manager.  API was successfully integrated  and working, recently it has stopped working and we are facing a serious issue.


Because we already implemented the API and was working we have some records already saved, however when a user logs in and decides to save the card the customer profileID is NOT getting generated, although the transaction is approved,  it says, the record cannot be found


However if we login as a new customer/create a new account and submit the transaction, the same response as above, transaction is approved, but this time it generates the customerID and saves the card.


Why am I not able to save card with my existing account is because my customer profile already exists in database and is not able to VALIDATE the existing profile.  How can I resolve this, as besides me I have a list of users who have saved their card previously and want to see their saved card in checkout.






Can you use that existing customer profile ID, login to the and search on the Customer Information Manager and see if you can find it.


Yes I have checked and the customer profile does exists there.  what am i doing wrong?



So, just to be clear, when a existing Customer login. They can't add a new CC to the CIM? Or did it fail on the GetCustomerProfile?


Can you run debug or log the profile id that it try to use in the code. maybe it using the wrong id.