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Did you mean: (CIM) integration and processing

I would like to use (CIM) to save the credit card number of the buyer, but I don't want to charge the buyer anything at the time of processing. Can (CIM) save and process the card number if the product price is set to $0? It is about booking a service where the buyer books an appt online and if he/she fails the show up or cancels the the appt then we can charge the card accordingly. 

What would be the best way to integrate it with wordpress woocommerce?


You don't need to charge them anything to create a payment profile.

But if you want to validate the credit card info, then you need to set the flag on the create payment profile to do live validation which would create a auth_only either $.01 or $0 transaction(fee) to validate the credit card.


So, you're saying that it can process orders even at $0, right?

When you use the create payment profile request and set the validation to livemode, it does it without you doing the transaction.


you can find the doc here