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Did you mean: Embedded Iframe Transition missing in website

We are using the Embedded iFrame Form of hosted payment. Here is the link of hosted page which we are using

The problem is that some transactions get added to but are missing on our website. (We are using Magento 2 eCommerce website)

We think that when the below situation occurs, that time order is missed from our website.

The situation is when we receive an empty response from the server even though the order gets added to the server; at that time order was missing from our website as there was no reponse from the server.

Unfortunately, this issue occurs randomly, so we cannot debug why this is happening. But the same issue is there with our many clients.

Does anyone faced the same issue and has any solution to prevent this type of issue, then kindly share it with us.




Hi there,

We are also wondering on this.  Does anybody have any suggestions?


There could be several reasons for this issue, such as:

1. The webhooks are not configured properly.

2. The payment status is not being updated in the database.

3. The webhook is not being triggered properly.

4. The payment is not being processed correctly.

The best way to find out the cause of this issue is to first check the webhooks and make sure they are setup correctly. Then you can check the payment status and see if it is being updated in the database. If not, then check the webhook triggers and see if the payment is being processed properly. If everything looks correct, then you may need to contact the support team to see if there is any issue on their end. Further, you can check Here