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AuthorizeNET Accept.js integration and "OTP Token access violation" error

Hi team,

We (
) use Authorize NET accept.js as described here ( Accordingly, we use a token and create a customer profile on the AuthorizeNET side (see


Our current problem is the "OTP Token access violation" error that occurs when trying to create a customer profile on the AuthorizeNET side. At the same time, the same integration works successfully on several dozen other our clients.


Yes, I know that this error indicates that we are trying to use the token a second time. But we don't do that. We only use the token once when creating a customer profile on the AuthorizeNET side.


Plus, I noticed that every time I try to enter a credit card (live credit card), when I make a request to the Authorize NET accept.js ( server returns the same token. Accordingly, it is sent to our server and used in the "Create Customer Profile" request ( Accordingly , since the token is always the same, we get the error "OTP Token access violation".

What could be the reason that the same token is returned for each attempt to enter a credit card?

And - we use live credit card and production AuthorizeNET server.


Looking forward for your quick response.