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Business checking accounts saved as Personal in CIM

I am using the CIM API with .NET to save checking accounts for tokenized ACH transactions.


The accounts save and appear in CIM, but they are always saved with an Account Type of (Personal) "Checking", and never save as "Business Checking", even when I specify BankAccountTypeEnum.businessChecking.


I've tried the following, but the accounts still always save as Personal Checking.


bankType.accountTypeSpecified = true;
paymentProfile.customerTypeSpecified = true;
bankType.accountType = AuthNetCIM.BankAccountTypeEnum.businessChecking;
paymentProfile.customerType =;

1. Is there some bug in CIM that prevents business accounts from being saved as Business Checking? Or am I missing some setting that will allow the Account Type to be saved properly?


2. If a business checking account is saved as personal, or vice versa, is there any validation or consequence? Based on my testing, everything gets saved to CIM as a Personal Checking account, and all ACH transactions get processed as WEB type transactions, so I've been unable to determine if the account type or ACH transaction type are enforced or actually matter, despite the requirements stated in the ACH documentation.



Hi sendow,


I cannot recreate the behavior that you are describing with direct requests to the API. I've escalated this to our SDK developer to investigate if there may be an issue with the SDK.




Administrator Administrator