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C# .net ReportingGateweay 1000 Limit

I'm using .net / c# and am supporting a production application and I believe there have been issues caused by a 1000 limit on the number of transactions returned from GetTransactionList. Whats confusing me is I see no way to change the limit, or page the results, I have reviewed the function overrides. This is what I'm calling:


var gate = AuthNet.ReportGateway();

List<AuthorizeNet.Transaction> transList = gate.GetTransactionList( batch.AuthBatchId.ToString() );


This properly returns 1000 transactions, but there are more in the batch. It doesn't seem that I have any overrides / options in GetTransactionList to page, and neither do I seem to have any options when creating the gate. What am I missing? Any help would be most appreciated.


I should mention I'm using v1.8.3 of the SDK, I see there is as much as a 2.0.1 available, but I am cautious to upgrade if I don't absolutely have to, as its working well and we have allot of code that would need testing, are there known upgrade / compatability issues, and does the newer SDK resolve this issue?