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CC Processing - A true tokenized solution

For charging cards that I have already billed (aka rebilling or tokenized CC processing) I know that I can save the tokens using CIM, and then use them for what Authorize.Net calls tokenized billing.  But, to do this - I would have to pay for the CIM service to be able to save tokens, and this is cost prohibitive to us (and most of our clients). 
However, when I log in to my production account and search for "rebillable transactions", the successful charge I put through on Sunday shows up and I can use the Authorize.Net merchant website to rebill it...even though I did not sign up for CIM.  This means that Authorize.Net does have the ability to rebill a prior charge WITHOUT CIM.  I assume they just use the trans Id or something else to identify the original charge...which is fine - I don't care if they actually call the data key a token.
BUT - there does not seem to be a way that I can automate this rebilling through the APIs without using CIM.  I want to do the same thing that's offered through the Authorize.Net merchant website, but without leaving my POS application.   It's less rekeying, and definitely cleaner and less error prone.
Is there a reason that Authorize.Net witholds this very useful feature?  The only reason I can come up with is because it requires developers to use (and pay for) the CIM processing. 
I want true tokenized billing without paying for an entire CIM service I don't need.  And I know Authorize.Net can already do it without CIM - because their own merchant login site provides this service to customers who don't have CIM.
For comparison - I also integrated with FirstData and MerchantWarehouse.  Both were simple integrations that took less than 1 day - and both provide FREE tokenization of CC payments that allow me to do rebilling without jumping through any extra hoops or any extra costs to me or my customers.

It'd be nice if Authorize.Net didn't try to nickel and dime the people who produce their revenue.  All that's gonna do is force us to use other services exclusively.