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CCV Code Is adding to the amount

I didn't find anything that was similar, so I'm just asking right out.


First off, I'm the support rep for my company, not a developer. We have SaaS software that allows music studios to automate certain management. Part of this is integration with Authorize.Net so that studios with an Authnet account can accept credit card payments online from their clients, and the silent hook has specific information to identify the studio and client and record the payment automatically for the studio.


Some studios have started reporting a problem that we didn't understand until now. They are reporting this started in May. The form we provide does not have a CCV field, and my developers are telling me that it isn't required. When I test with my Authnet sandbox account, it never asks me. Apparently some Visa users are being over charged when the payment is processed. ONe of the studios finally got some (hopefully) helpful information from a client who reported that when they submit the form, they are asked to provide a CVV code. When they enter that, shot numbers are apparently also getting added to the Amount field, and that is where the overcharge is coming from.

Again, our form does not have this field, so it must be coming from Authnet after submission, but Authnet has told the studios that the problem is with our form. I'm wondering if there is anyone who can offer some insight for me?


Thanks in advance.