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CIM, Accept hosted and card codes

We are integrating CIM and the Accept hosted payment form. Our issue is when a customer saves a payment method for future use, then returns to make another purchase using the saved payment method.

When the customer selects the previously saved payment method a cursor pops up in the card code field and prompts the customer to enter in their CCV code. I know that the customer does not, in fact, need to enter this code to complete the transaction but this will defiantly confuse and frustrate our customers.

Is there a way to stop the cursor from popping up in the card code field in the Accepted hosted form? or remove the card code field entirely when a customer is using a saved payment method? Or anyone know a work around here aside from not using the form all together.

I’ve saved and used many cards throughout my internet life and have never been prompted to enter a card code for a saved payment method.

Any thoughts or help or confirmation regarding this issue would be great.
Thanks, Nate Thatcher