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I currently have three ecommerce applications (two .net and one php) that take in order info and cc data and pass it to our business system. The business system then charges the card when the order is shipped. I need to remove all cc data from in house servers and wish to use the CIM. What I envision is that all three apps would redirect to a common CIM checkout application. Order information would pass to the business system, but cc data would go to the CIM. At a later time, when the product ships the business system would then request the CIM complete the transaction and charge the card.


My question is, should we do the work of coding the CIM directly into each application or can we create one common CIM application that just takes in order data from the three applicaitons? If the later, what info is required to pass from each system to the CIM checkout (order number & total, etc)? Has anyone already done this work?


Thank you for taking the time to read and respond.




I can't say that I have a recommendation to build it one way or the other. It will obviously function either way and that's more of a personal design preference. I can answer the second part of your question about what data you need to process a transaction. When processing a transaction, the bare minimum is to include the customer ID, payment profile ID, and total transaction amount. You can optionally pass in more information such as invoice number, but that's up to you.

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