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CIM down again

Intermittent errors happening on CIM requests:

[E00001] An error occurred during processing.


started occuring Jan 24 after midnight EST


Please investigate



I can confirm this as well, appears to be happening sporadically. Happened again just 5 minutes ago as I was running through orders

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Hello @npiasecki @Christophe


I noticed this report today.  For fastest service, please report any potential outages by phone to customer support.  They are available 24x7 to assist and can immediately escalate potential issues to our support specialists.



Since we're now on the second outage this week, and one of many since the CyberSource acquisition, is there any actual plan in place at Authorize.Net to improve uptime?


The outages happen so often that we added a feature for it. Our e-commerce platform has a "Authorize.Net Outage" e-mail that we can send to customers with one click to request payment when the system is unable to store a credit card in CIM due to an outage.


What is it going to take to get the ship sailing?

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