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CIM vs ARB (again) - double checking the limitations of each

I haven't yet found in the forums or documentation where this is verified. First, my problem:


I am working on a website that offers a number of different subscription options, and a user can have multiple different subscriptions at the same time, and can add or remove subscriptions at any time in any order.


I thought ARB at first to handle the recurring fees, but it seems like if the user wants to add an additional subscription at a later time they will have to enter their payment information again. So instead of "adding on" a service, they have to "purchase a new one". It seems better to use CIM for this so when they purchase an additional subscription they can choose from amongst previously used payment options and do not have to enter in their information again.


So, to simulate ARB with CIM we have to do our own scheduling, I understand this and it's not a problem. I just want to verify that to do this with CIM, we can just build a duplicate transaction and submit it at the stated subscription interval?


Assuming that we can build the XML transaction without additional user input and that the user has agreed to be "automatically rebilled until cancelled", we can do this? It is less work for us to use ARB, but we can achieve the same effect with CIM? CIM can really replicate automatic rebilling?


Also, just to make sure, we can't create a new subscription based on an old subscription with ARB without asking the user for their payment info again, correct? Becuase if we could do this we could probably still use ARB.




Yes, you seem to have everything correct.  ARB subscriptions cannot be created without entering the customer's data again and CIM can be used to arbitrarily run any number of transactions.  The only potential concern I see with your scenario is if a customer ends up with two identical payments running on the same day.  In those circumstances, you would want to make sure to either run them at least 2 minutes apart or disable our duplicate transaction check.  If necessary, the duplicate transaction check can be disabled by passing x_duplicate_window=0 in the <extraOptions> element in your CIM transaction request.

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Can i use ARB without CIM API??

My scenario is i am using SIM as basic api for transaction and want to implement 


Can i implement CIM & ARB both at a time..

And how can ARB get information about customer who's billing is recurring when

we dont use CIM..??



Can i use ARB without CIM API??

Yes they are seperate API.

ARB documentation

CIM documentation


My scenario is i am using SIM as basic api for transaction and want to implement ARB.

Again they are seperate API


Can i implement CIM & ARB both at a time.

Yes, it a seperate API.


And how can ARB get information about customer who's billing is recurring when we dont use CIM..??

You don't need CIM for ARB. Once you setup a recurring billing it will use that info.






And How shall i trigger the request to refund.

Is there any API which does the same?? 

am using SIM API,..


You can use the AIM API for refund.



Any sample code which does the same??

AIM sample code explains the submission of new transaction to


You should be able to change the transaction type on the sample code and pass the correct param


Thanks will try it out..!!



Thanks again..




I am working with SIM API and in the receipt page hosted by we have a link by which we callback or  

redirect to our site and track the status of the payment,.


My question is what if we dont click the link on the hosted receipt page.?

And i have even gone through the silent post method which solves my above question. but, again it needs a URL which is static in my case i cant have a static URL to track done the status,