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Can I rely on test transaction upon creation of payment profile?

I'm creating a payment profiles via a hosted IFrame from the Accept Suite. Unfortunately, I do not receive a response from the frame that includes the ID of the newly created payment profile. Additionally, payment profiles do not seem to have a "profile creation date" field.


One way to retrieve the newly created payment profile ID would be to grab the existing IDs before creation, and then find the odd one out after creation. That is, however, pretty clunky.


I did notice that for all the test payment profiles I've created, there is a default transaction that is created upon profile creation with a description of "Test transaction for ValidateCustomerPaymentProfile." I'm wondering if I can rely on such a default transaction to always occur upon payment profile creation. If so, to retrieve the new payment profile ID, I could simply get a list of transactions for the given customer profile (ordered descending by date), grab the top result, and pluck the payment profile ID from the record. Is this the way to go?




Did plucking that payment profile ID from the transaction list end up working out okay? I'm running into the same issue, not sure why the hosted form only returns "successfulSave" without the payment ID...