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Can I use my old SIM method login id/key in accept hosted implementation?

I have developed an Accept Hosted with an iframe implementation using a sandbox account that I created for dev purposes.


Now it is time to start using our company's actual account that is currently working in the wild as a SIM implementation.


In the new implementation, when I request a token, I have to assign a AuthorizeNet.Environment object (Either SANDBOX or PRODUCTION)


ApiOperationBase<ANetApiRequest, ANetApiResponse>.RunEnvironment = _oAuthorizeEnvironment; 


If I examine that object, I see paths that are slightly different than what is used for the old SIM method.

Old SIM method: and


New API method SANDBOX: _baseUrl = "" and _xmlBaseUrl = ""


New APi method PRODUCTION: _baseUrl = "" and _xmlBaseUrl = ""



The question ultimately is, what do I need to do now to get my new Accept Hosted (iframe) implemenation to switch over to my current company account?


Currently, if I pass my old credentials (from SIM), it fails. code = "E00007" "User authentication failed due to invalid authentication values."


much thanks in advance!


Hi @david_c


The getHostedPaymentPageRequest request used in AcceptHosted uses API_LOGIN_ID & the TRANSACTION_KEY as authentication mechanism.


And for SIM you must have been using Login_ID (which is the same API_LOGIN_ID) and Signature_Key which is different compared to TRANSACTION_KEY.


If you use this Signature key instead of Transaction key in the request for AcceptHosted (Production Environment), you will received error E00007, as the credentials would be invalid.


Thus generate a Transaction Key for your account if you don't have it,

for that login into the Merchant Account Interface and then go to 

Account > Settings > Security Settings > General Security Settings > API Credential & Keys

and generate a Transaction Key and use that with the AcceptHosted request.


Hope this Helps!

Authorize.Net Expert Authorize.Net Expert
Authorize.Net Expert

Thank you for the quick reply and information!


Very much appreciated.


So, it seems that I may be improperly using the Signature_Key (from the old SIM method) when what I really need is the Transaction_Key associated with this account.


Can I assume that if I use the correct key with the original SIM API_Login_ID, that I can work with both the PRODUCTION and SANDBOX Environments in the API?


Or will I need to configure something else to test and run real transactions?


Thanks again!