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Can't Get Past Login Screen on Accept Sample App

I have run the accept sample app from Gihub but I can never get past the login screen. I replaced all of the default credentials in the app that I could find with my own and created a test customer profile in my sandbox account but it still won't advance past that screen. 


For the environment variables I included a config file using require in getHostedPaymentForm.php and getToken.php files. In the config file I set the credentials as so:




The sample app is silent as to how to add environment variables. I don't know what else I need to do beyond that to use the sample app. The Client Key was generated and added where I could find references to it.


I tried disabling the redirect to the login form on the index.php file but that just resulted in it loading a blank screen. No error messages, just white space.


I only want to use the redirect method so that people input thier info on the site anyway and am startign to think the sample app tries to do way too much. For starters, I don't see why someone needs to have a customer ID set with a cookie. In production I want people to be able to make purchases whether or not they have ever done so with me before and that will mean no pre-existing customer ID.