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Can't find Split Tender ID, Requested Amount & Balance On Card in position 53, 54, 55 of response




I'm trying to integrate the Partial Authorization for gift cards.  The site already works great with credit cards.

From the documentation I believe I am only supposed to add x_allow_partial_auth=TRUE to the request to see these three fields populated on the response

Split Tender ID

Requested Amount

Balance On Card 


I see from the boards other people are having this issue to, but none of the suggested resolutions are working for me.  I have a real gift card with $5 on it.  When I try to process 295, I am being declined (good), but I don't see the three extra fields on the response (bad).


Any help would be greatly appreciated.







|2|1|2|This transaction has been declined.||N|3775486533|||295.00|CC|auth_capture||||||||50265||||||||||||||||||52EDF859EBF9E9C5CBE7656993CA3A2A|||||||||||||XXXX3221|Visa||||||||||||||||


Since you are running it against a production account. Are you sure you didn't authorize and/or capture that 5 dollars already?


P.S. Do NOT show your transactionKEY, that is like the password to your banking account. You NEED to change it now.



I'm sure there is still $5 on the card.  But even if there was $0 on the card, wouldn't the Balance On Card field be populated with a 0?


The way I read the AIM Partial Authorization Transactions is that it will not return a x_split_tender_id or any other partial transaction output if the transaction is decline.

OK, in what case would I ever see the fields ( Split Tender ID, Requested Amount & Balance On Card) returned in the response?


If the user has multiple giftcards for $5 each and they have a $20 bill won't I need the Split Tender ID to join them in a transaction or is it 4 independent transactions?


Is there a reliable test for this?


From the AIM guide.

When the first transaction is successfully approved for a partial amount of the total order, a split tender ID is generated and returned to the merchant in the response.


My guess is that either the gift card didn't have any $ left or it getting declined from the bank to start a partial transaction. Have you try authOnly for just a few cent on the gift card to see if it work? Then void it afterward.

Yep, I tried with .01 and was expecting 4.99 in the  Balance On Card field but it was blank.  I can try another gift card.


I appreciate your help