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Can't get DPM to work

I have tried the SIM method an have gotten it to work. Now I am trying the DPM and I can not get it to work for me.


I am testing with the Coffee store example and have followed all the instructions and configured the config,php.

When I get to the checkout_form.php and press Buy I get this message:

3,2,13,The merchant login ID or password is invalid or the account is inactive.,,P,0,,,2.18,,auth_capture,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,9F76D49A5960CCB8226C471FBB9C8277,,,,,,,,,,,,,,Bank Account,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,


I know my login ID and password are correct because I used them in the SIM method.


Please help - Sam


Hello? Can some please reply to my question.


Thank you - Sam


where are you posting too - test or live - and what API keys are you using - test or live?


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I am positng to LIve (what do I have to change to make the post live?


And my API keys are also live.

You want to change the configuration to post against this url:


I believe the SDK is setup to point to the test server by default.



Do you know what file in the SDK I should change from test to secure? There is no place in the config.php to change the settings.


As many have stateted before, very poor documentation on DPM. There should be some explaination about the difference between test and live.

I think is In the checkout_form.php

<form method="post" action="<?php echo AuthorizeNetDPM::SANDBOX_URL?>">


change that to

<form method="post" action="<?php echo AuthorizeNetDPM::LIVE_URL?>">



Thank you, but that did not work. Still get the same error.

Just want ot make sure.

On the config.php


change this to false point to live for AIM define("AUTHORIZENET_SANDBOX",false);

comment out $METHOD_TO_USE = "AIM";

uncomment out $METHOD_TO_USE = "DIRECT_POST";

I had everything set correctly except "comment out @METHOD_TO_USE = "AIM":

I commented this out, but still get the same error code.


Thanks for trying - Sam