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Can't trigger proper responses using test data in Sandbox

I'm using the c# SDK and started with the example code here:


When I plug in the values from the sample code I get these results (I flattened the results due to business requirements):


ProcessorResponse.RefId = 20190515194647
ProcessorResponse.ResultCode = 0
ProcessorResponse.ErrorCode = I00001
ProcessorResponse.ErrorMessage = Successful.
TransactionResponse.TransId = 60121244708
TransactionResponse.AccountNumber = XXXX0015
TransactionResponse.AccountType = MasterCard
TransactionResponse.AuthCode =
TransactionResponse.AvsResultCode = P
TransactionResponse.CavvResultCode =
TransactionResponse.CvvResultCode =
TransactionResponse.TestRequest = 0
TransactionResponse.RefTransId =
TransactionResponse.ResponseCode = 4
TransactionResponse.MessageCode = 252
TransactionResponse.MessageDescription = Your order has been received. Thank you for your business!


I was expecting a successful transaction.  I tried various zip codes and CVV codes from the testing guide and get the same result.  Only time I get a different result is if I trip the duplicate transaction filter.


The zip codes and cvv codes I tried are listed here:


I did switch the Account Test mode from TEST to LIVE.


Hello @sig 


According to your response, your transaction was successful but is being held for review.  It's hard to troubleshoot without your full request.



Administrator Administrator