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Cancel button not working in hosted form CIM

Cancel button has a function btnCancelEdit_onclick(g_paymentItemEditInfo, 999) which is generated during runtime. If i call the AuthorizeNetPopup.openAddPaymentPopup() pop up the cancel button does not work but if i call the AuthorizeNetPopup.openManagePopup() function the cancel button works. I know it is not possible to change the function of the cancel button at runtime, is there any other option. I have seen this link and have made the necessary changes which work fine if i call AuthorizeNetPopup.openManagePopup() first and then open AddPaymentPopup popup, but does not work when i call AuthorizeNetPopup.openAddPaymentPopup() directly.


Are the Add Payment and the Manage buttons on the same page?


Are you following the example code in for the page with the Add Payment button, or is it on a different page and using the example code?


I had a problem with going the other way. I was using the example code and couldn't figure out why the Manage button didn't work correctly.


If you or anyone else figures out how to mix the two together to work from the same page, I would like to know.