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Capturing Response data from Virtual Terminal

Is there a way to send completed payment data from the virtual terminal to a webhook/api to capture the payment in a database?  This all words great on our web payment page, but sometimes we have to use the virtual terminal to process payments for people.  I would like for these payments to also get posted to our database similar to the web payment page.


Field-level help is available for each field when you click inside a field. The table below defines all the possible fields contained within each Virtual Terminal panel.

To enter a transaction using Virtual Terminal:

From the iQ bar, click the Operations icon and select Virtual Terminal from the list of available reports and tools, or from the Operations Navigation bar. The Virtual Terminal interface appears as shown above.

Select the appropriate options for your transaction in the Transaction Origin panel.

Each of the subsequent applicable panels--Transaction Details, Billing Details, Custom Billing Descriptor, Authorization Info, and Direct Debit--expand as you enter information. Depending upon the transaction type, or in some cases, other information you provide in available fields, the required fields may change to optional, or may become disabled (required fields are bolded on the interface). The figure below shows all Virtual Terminal data panels expanded.

Once you have entered the necessary fields in each of the panels, click the Submit Payment button. A confirmation dialog box appears containing information on this transaction, as shown in Virtual Terminal Confirmation Dialog.

Sorry. Maybe my question was not clear. I wanted to know if there was a way to get a successful transaction response from the virtual terminal sent to a web api endpoint so that response can be logged in the merchants database as a payment.