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Cardholder Authentication Fields Ignored



My team is using AIM, with PHP - connected to the Shopp e-commerce plugin for Wordpress.


We have been using for several months without an issue.


Recently we were asked to integrate 3Ds security via Cardinal into our solution. Connecting to Cardinal and retrieving the ECI/UCAF, as well as the CAVV/AVV is working without a hitch for my MasterCard that is enrolled. However, upon passing these values to to [via the fields: x_authentication_indicator, and x_cardholder_authentication_value], the transaction succeeds, but reports that:


CAVV Result Code:Not Applicable


I have contacted customer support, and got an escalated response that did not receive the fields [x_authentication_indicator, and x_cardholder_authentication_value]. Our account is in Live mode, and we are configured to accept Secure Visa and MasterCard payments in the admin panel. In Test mode, I disabled the secure payment option and tried passing a transaction with the cardholder authentication fields. The transaction failed with Error 3. At least in test mode, it was able to parse these values.


Cardinal is returning the CAVV string in Base64 encoding. I am definitely URL encoding the string before Posting the request. The transaction is of type AUTH_CAPTURE.


Our merchant account is with Chase Payment Tech. After reading a similar thread on this forum, I contacted Chase Payment and they ensured me that our account is capable of receiving the Cardholder Authentication.


I have used the Data Validation URL and it parsed all the values accordingly.


I will post the parameters I am POSTing, as well as a response I got for the request. If anyone has any ideas, I'm all ears.  A number of the fields have been given 'x's to 'hopefully' keep the data anonymous.


My request to


the response:

1|1|1|This transaction has been approved.|15340Z|X|5150332237|||12.05|CC|auth_capture||Jon|Doe||xxxxx|xxxxx|AZ|C1A 9S1|CA|55555555555|||Jon|Doe||Address|City|AZ|C1A 9S1|CA|1.61||5.45|||2DC906F69C79A9105D59645300E4018A|M||||||||||||XXXX9870|MasterCard|||||||||||||||||1<|>3pc Mini Measuring Spoons<|><|>1<|>4.99<|>Y


Best regards!






No ideas?


did you ask to double check the account setup?

hi sir , the Cardholder Authentication Value is required only for authoOnly and authCapture turansactions processed through  carhodler authentication programs.When submitted with other  transaction types, this value is ignored.