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Change payment profile of an ARB subscription

Hi All,


We are integrating service for an ARB subscription type payment gateway for our web application with .Net MVC. 


Our application provides option to add multiple cards and choose a default card for a subscription. So that a customer can switch his credit card for an ongoing subscription.


We could setup a card as default using update customer payment profile API. But we couldn't change the payment profile information of an ongoing ARB subscription with another already created payment profile. 


Seeking help on this.



Hi pmarangoni


ARBUpdateSubscriptionRequest is not expecting the current Payment Profile ID, although you are able to include it should you desire to do so it is not a required field. 


You cannot change the Customer Profile or Customer Payment Profile ID associated with the subscription however. For example, you cannot create subscription ID 1 > create a Customer Profile ID 12345 > update subscription ID 1 to use Customer Profile ID 12345. 


When subscriptions are created/updated, the Customer Profile/Payment Profile ID associated with the subscription ia also automatically created, which is why the profile ID, payment profile ID and address ID (if shipping address profile is created with the subscription/profile) are returned in the ARBCreateSubscriptionResponse. 


If you want to update the subscription's Customer Profile with new payment information, simply update the subscription using ARBUpdateSubscriptionRequest. Alternatively, you can update the profile and payment profile IDs created with the subscription using updateCustomerProfileRequest.


I hope this clears this up for you. 




I have just posted a similar ticket, interestingly enough. Watching this thread as well.