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Changing the text in the Header of the receipt page on the hosted payment form (using Accept Hosted)

I'm trying to change the text that is visible in the Header of the receipt page on the hosted payment form (using Accept Hosted) and its not working. This is in the sandbox account.  In the knowledgebase I found directions to go to admin portal, click on 'Settings', then on the Settings page to click on the 'Receipt Page' link in the 'Transaction Response Settings' in the 'Transaction Format Settings', and click on 'Header', type in the header text and submit. I tried that and it didn't change the header text on the page when I submitted a payment transaction. I still am seeing "Thank you for your payment." as the header at the top of the receipt page. What am I doing wrong?


Within a getHostedPaymentPageRequest, there is a setting that must be coordinated with your sandbox account:


New object("settingName"; "hostedPaymentReturnOptions"; "settingValue"; "{\"showReceipt\": false, \"url\": \"https://"+$SubDomain_t+"/"+$Iteration_Remote_Path_t+"/AN_HostedPaymentForm_Receipt.a4d\", \"cancelUrl\": \"https://"+$SubDomain_t+"/"+$Iteration_Remote_Path_t+"/AN_HostedPaymentForm_Container.a4d\", \"cancelUrlText\": \"Reset Form\"}"); \
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But we have the hostedPaymentReturnOptions and values set. We have the 'showReceipt' attribute set to 'true', which is why we get shown the receipt in the hosted payment form page when we successfully submit a credit card. What we cannot change is the header text of that receipt page despite making the change in the admin portal settings per what I posted above in the original question. There doesn't seem to be an attribute setting that is sent in the API that does this, and specifically not in the ' hostedPaymentReturnOptions'. As I said, we do have the 'showReceipt' set to 'true' which is why we DO get a receipt page. But can't seem to change that receipt page's header text.