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Charging a card for a single transaction and a subscription

We would like our customers to be able to purchase a multiple product bundle which contains one time purchasable products and monthly recurring products.  We are not allowed to hold the credit card information at all so it must be one transaction using the token provides when passing the payment information. Currently we do not see a way in the API documentation using createTransactionRequest or ARBCreateSubscriptionRequest that will allow us to do the following scenario.

Customer bundles the following together:
Quality Management Course - $500 (one time purchase)
VOD Library Access - $100 / Year

If the customer decides to cancel the subscription, we need to be able to deny access to the library but make sure the customer still has access to the quality management course. Nowhere in the create requests can we find subscription creation & item lists.

Is there no way to assign a subscription id to a given transaction item or vise-versa? When we call getTransactionDetailsRequest, we  have access to the line items & the subscription ID, but have no way to actually assign both when creating the transaction.