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Checking eCheck returns using the Transaction Details API

In the absence of any official documentation, I've been testing the Transaction Details API with some live data to see if I can follow up on the status of ACH transactions.  I see that the getTransactionDetails response in the TD API has transactionStatus = 'settledSuccessfully' and also a 'returnedItems' field if the ACH was returned.  I'd like to get some confirmation about whether the following is a valid approach to this problem:


  1. Fetch the transaction using getTransactionDetails
  2. If transactionStatus = 'settledSuccessfully' and the 'returnedItems' field is present, mark the transaction as returned.
  3. If transactionStatus = 'settledSuccessfully' but there is no 'returnedItems' field, assume the transaction was successful.
  4. If transactionStatus doesn't equal 'settledSuccessfully', assume the transaction is still pending.

Will this work?  What about chargebacks; same thing?



Hi jmgregory0,


It is important to understand that eCheck returns happen after the transaction has settled successfully. So the status of SettledSuccessfully does not indicate that process has completely cleared. Additionally, it's important to know that Authorize.Net is only aware of eCheck chargebacks. Our system has no knowledge of credit card chargebacks.




Administrator Administrator



That's very helpful.  Thanks!


If transactionStatus = 'settledSuccessfully' is not the correct way to check it, is there any way to know from the Transaction Details API whether the ACH process has completely cleared?


In the event of an eCheck chargeback, what will show in the transaction details result?  Will transactionStatus = 'chargeback'?


-- Justin


I am looking for the same thing. I need to know when an eCheck is approved so I can ship an order. I already know how to check for failures using the returnedItems part of the transaction details API, but how can I tell it was successful? There has to be a way. 



Did you ever find the answer to this question?  I am needing to know the same thing.  


Thanks so much!





Did you ever find the answer?  I am needing to know as well.