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Chrome blocking 3rd-party cookies, should hosted form work?


I'm using the Hosted form's IFrameCommunicatorPopup method, and it works in Firefox and Safari, but not on Chrome and Edge, it looks like because they are not accepting 3rd-party cookies whereas Firefox is automatically partitioning them. I must be doing something wrong as this would presumably be a problem facing many people but I don't see any recent mention of it here on the forums. Chrome says:

Third-party cookie will be blocked. Learn more in the Issues tab.

  1. Cookies with the SameSite=None; Secure and not Partitioned attributes that operate in cross-site contexts are third-party cookies. In future Chrome versions, setting third-party cookies will be blocked. This behavior protects user data from cross-site tracking.

    Please refer to the article linked to learn more about preparing your site to avoid potential breakage.

    1. 1 cookie
      1. NameDomain & Path

And it looks like Chrome never gets as far as loading my IFrameCommunicatorPopup file. The iframe does get populated with the payment form, but the controller never gets loaded to send the signal to make the popup visible.

Is this perhaps a problem limited only to Sandbox? Or is my setup wrong?