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Classic ASP sample code

Hi all,


I'm bringing a legacy system (Classic ASP, PCCharge) into the modern world.  I fully understand that I'll need to upgrade a lot of stuff, but first things first - for the immediate future, I am hoping to integrate the system and directly within the existing Classic ASP code.


I see references to Classic ASP code in the messag boards, but no active links.  Is there an SDK or code samples for Classic ASP like those posted here?


Thanks in advance to anyone who can push me in the correct direction,


While we once offered classic ASP sample code, it is no longer offered. It didn't include support for the Authorize.Net API (, only for legacy connection methods that we are in the process of deprecating.


We offer .NET SDKs and C# sample code, which support all our modern integration methods, but regretably, we cannot continue to provide updates to legacy sample code. We apologize for the inconvenience.

"Move fast and break things," out. "Move carefully and fix what you break," in.
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