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Create and Charge Tokenized User Profiles without Using Our Own Page for CC Info

Our goal is to have tokenized user accounts we can charge using just the token (e.g. User Profile ID). We cannot ever have the user's CC info go through our own site.


I looked at the API Features page for 'Accept Hosted' to redirect the user so they can enter their CC info directly to, but it looks like this is only for creating a single transaction, not a user profile. Would it make sense to do this, and then 'Create a Customer Profile from a Transaction?' Would that even work? Is it an option to re-direct a user to to 'Create Customer Profile?'


Essentially we just want to create a user profile that we can charge for payments that will vary in timing and amount each month, but we can't accept their credit card info on our page at any point. Is there a way to do this? Multiple ways? What is the best way?


Hello @djgower


For your use case, we offer Accept Customer, a hosted form for managing customer profiles.  You can learn more about using Accept Customer on our documentation page:



Administrator Administrator

Thank you @RichardH. I see that "for first-time customers, you must create a new profile using the createCustomerProfileRequest method." For Create Customer Profile, it looks like we need to know either the credit card or the bank account. Is that something that would be accepted through the hosted form so that it never goes through our site?


EDIT: I assume yes, but the portion I quoted above appears in a section that starts with, "before you can present the hosted form," and I just want to make sure I'm completely clear on it. Can you confirm that Accept Customer hosted form allows the user to set up their Customer Profile without ever having their payment info go through us, even when using Create Customer Profile?


Thank you.

Hello @djgower


That is correct, you would use the Accept Customer hosted form instead of building your own form, collecting the sensitive card data and sending it via the API.  Here are some steps you might following:


  • Use createCustomerProfileRequest to create the customer profile
  • Use getHostedProfilePageRequest to obtain a token to invoke the form using data from first step
  • Use the token to present the appropriate form
    • Manage - Allows customer to add/remove/modify all of the payment and shipping profiles
    • Add or Edit Payment - display just the add/edit payment option
    • Add or Edit Shipping - display just the add/edit shipping option