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CreateUserProfile and use of validationMode('liveMode')?

Reading the API for CreateUserProfile there is the option for validationMode('liveMode') - but the definition for it is ambiguous.  It is defined as:


  • Indicates the processing mode for the request. If the customer profile contains no payment data, this field should not be sent.
  • Use testMode to perform a Luhn mod-10 check on the card number, without further validation. Use liveMode to submit a zero-dollar or one-cent transaction (depending on card type and processor support) to confirm the card number belongs to an active credit or debit account.

But what exactly is "payment data"?  Is it just CC info....or is it CC Info AND charge info (ie: total = $10) ?


So my questions are (regarding PHP implemenation:

  1. Where do you do the `setValidationMode('liveMode')` at?  There is no example of it in use in the CreateCustomerProfile examples.  Based on the CreateCustomerPaymentProfile API its shows the `setValidationMode` as a part of `new AnetAPI\CreateCustomerPaymentProfileRequest()` method.  So in the CreateCustomerProfile I added it to the `new AnetAPI\CustomerPaymentProfileType();` but that is erroring out as an unknown method.
  2. If using the `setValidationMode` setting, where how do you actually pass a charge value?  There seems to be no method option available to do that.
  3. Is there a scenario, using `liveMode` or not, where the customer profile IS created but the payment profile IS NOT created (fails)?  And if so, what would the `$response` look like and how could I differentiate between successful `CreateCustomerProfile` but failed `CreateCustomerPaymentProfile`?
  4. And last, is the first CustomerPaymentProfile the automatic default?  That option is available in CreateCustomerPaymentProfile API but does not appear to be available in the CreateCustomerProfile API.