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Creating a Payment Solution using

Hi Guys,

I am trying to create a pay by text payment solution using I need help in figuring out how I can achieve that.

My pay by text system which is patented and I want to use to achieve that.

Consumers with sign up on my website and put their account info and credit card info which would be saved on so no PCI compliant issue. Then the merchants would sign up with their account info and bank account and they would be given a 10 digits phone number where the consumer can send the text with payment amount.

So once consumers goes to merchant and gets goods her would then pay the merchant via text by sending " grocery $40"

to the merchant SMS 10 digit number. On the back end my website will process the SMS and pull the consumers credit card info and merchants bank account info and pass it on the the API?

Is this scenario possible if not are their other ways I can make it work.


Please need your feedback.........




As long as you don't mean you as the middleman between many consumers and many merchants. Because each CIM customer profile is unique to one merchant account. And is for getting payment not paying out.