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Curl Error 28 | Wordpress

I'm in the process of integrating with my WordPress website using a plugin called "WooCommerce Authorize.Net." During the checkout process, customers can submit payments to my account. However, just before the confirmation appears, I'm encountering a cURL 28 error. Does anyone have an suggestions. I've done my standard troubleshooting of making sure it isn't a WordPress issue by install a new theme and disabling plugins. At this point I would believe it is a server issue / network issue.

I'm able to validate an empty response 

11-08-2023 @ 20:13:03 - Response

11-08-2023 @ 20:13:03 - Error getting merchant account details. cURL error 28: Operation timed out after 60001 milliseconds with 683 out of 1692 bytes received

 With this bei

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I feel your pain with that cURL 28 error – it can be a real headache. I once had a similar issue when setting up with my WordPress site. After pulling my hair out for a bit, I found that the problem was indeed on the server side.

Here's what worked for me: I contacted my hosting provider, and they adjusted the server timeout settings. It turns out that the default timeout was causing the cURL 28 error because the communication between my site and took a bit longer than expected.

I suggest reaching out to your hosting support and asking them to increase the cURL timeout value. They usually know their servers inside out and can tweak things to match the needs of your integration. After they made the adjustment, my payments went through smoothly, and I haven't seen that pesky cURL 28 error since.

Hope this helps, and good luck!!!

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