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Customer Information Manager in sandbox not showing latest profile id.

Hi There,


New profile created via sandbox web console or through API are not displaying in the customer information manager but through API I am able to use the received profile id and customer id. 


The actual problem is in my sandbox profiles created after  9th Jan 2019 is not displaying in the Customer Information Manager list whereas we have created plenty of profiles. 


Please fix the above bug if any in the sandbox.




Hello @murlikrishna4 


If I understand your issue correctly, you are creating customer profiles through either the API or the Merchant Interface.  However, these customer profiles do not appear within the Merchant Interface but you can create new transactions using the API?


And you've created many customer profiles after January 9th and none appear within the Merchant Interface?



Administrator Administrator
Richard, Your understanding is right. Please provide me solutions.

@murlikrishna4 You will need to provide your sandbox API Login ID or Gateway ID, I cannot find an account using your community email address.



I am experiencing the same issue.  I created a new CIM profile in my sandbox via the website (Not the API), and it gave me an ID, however the CIM list is showing as empty in my account.  



@sharpinnovation @murlikrishna4 


I've escalated your issue to a Support Specialist.



@murlikrishna4 @sharpinnovation 


We've duplicated your issue in the sandbox and our product team is investigating. Hello

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Seems the issue is fixed now I am able to see my old profiles Ids and newly created one in the CIM. Thanks