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Customer Receipt Email Address

I am just looking for clarification as to which email address is used for customer email receipts.

If a single transaction is submitted, I am assuming that the email address supplied with that transaction is the email that the receipt is mailed to. However, looking through payment profiles attached to a CIM record I do not see an email address, only an email the CIM record itself. So, I'm assuming that any transactions that are submitted using any valid payment profile for that CIM, that the CIM email is used. 

Is this correct for both of these assumptions?

Lastly, if a customer has a CIM record and has at least one existing payment profile on account, pays for a transaction with a separate credit card and does not save that new card (a one-off transaction), is the customer receipt sent to the email address supplied with the one-off transaction or is the email on record for the CIM used?