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Customer or Company?

I am try to find the best solution for working with customers that are users as well as

a Company has a account.


My question is that the which way is it better to start the transaction from the customer to the company

or the other why around. 


The solutions I have seen all seem to be a traditional user purchasing from an business.


I assume if the user has a CC on file all I should have to do is to have the user enter their login & password and authorize 

a transaction to the business?



Hi John,


It is not possible to use information on file in Authorize.Net's system to charge a customer, even if they also have an Authorize.Net account. That would be a violation of privacy and compliance regulations. If you have a customer who is also possesses an Authorize.Net account you must still obtain their payment information from them directly.



Thank you,



Trusted Contributor
Trusted Contributor