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DNS propagation issue with Relay Response

Does anyone know how long takes to refresh their DNS? After almost 3 days since I changed nameservers I am still receiving relay response at my old site. When I did some testing with the test account, I found that had to use IP address in the relay URL.


Hi joatmon,

Authorize.Net respects the TTL settings within your DNS server and will refresh the DNS when the TTL setting expires from your previous server.  You would have to check your previous DNS settings to determine how long that could potentially take.


Administrator Administrator



A couple months ago we switched or shopping cart to a new server and experienced the same issue.  It took almost two days for the redirects to work properly.  In the interim, our customers (as well as our internal web sales team) received a confusing experience. 


Interestingly, of all the various ISPs/Sites where the DNS change proogated, was one of the slowest.   We changed the DNS at our registrar and - they clearly had a short TTL.  Based on ISP, we started seeing the new site within four hours, and most of the world was done within 7 hours. 


We're getting ready to switch to a different host and were wondering if there is some way to get to uppdate its DNS records more promptly?   Any idea of who to contact within