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DPM, Sandbox and depreciated

 I am a developer and have used AN for almost 20 years. I have customers who I have converted to DPM to be PCI compliant. I understand that DPM will not longer be available after July next year and that the sandbox will not support it from this July 19.


Here is the problem. I need to convert all my customers to accept.js but to do that I need to ensure that I do not introduce errors in my code that interferes with DPM, so customers can still use DPM until my version with accept.js is fully tested.


Since the sandbox is going away next week this only leaves me with two options:


1) Get a free regular account from AN that I can use in test mode for some period of time, and I don't really care about the restrictions AN place on it.


2) Use one of my customers accounts in test mode. Not a friendly option and they would get inundated with merchant emails.


I urge AN to continue support for use of DPM with the sandbox, at least grandfather those in my situation.