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DPM and paypal and applepay

I'll try here instead of the water cooler


Have a client wanting to move to auth net to avoid PCI complience issues. Currently accept CC and offer PayPal (IPN) for payments. He wants to continue to make PayPal available (via Auth net) and add capability for the customer to choose ApplePay and  future options like Google Wallet when available ... again, all via Auth net.


Looking at using the DPM api - but not sure how that fits with Auth net PayPal and ApplePay processing.


If we simply offer PayPal and ApplePay as payment options along with normal CC payment, will the Auth net processing recognize and use the selected payment method while still following the DPM protocol? I haven't seen any parameters for selection of payment method but I haven't read the entire SIM/DPM doc yet either.


Is apple pay only an api for apps (not normal web page payment processing)?? does it even make sense to talk about apple pay in reference to a web page payment?




Hello @hav


You are correct that ApplePay is only for in-app payments and cannot be used for website payments.

Paypal and Visa Checkout can both be used for online payments. Paypal is only available through our AIM API, Visa Checkout is available through AIM or our hosted form (SIM).  With either of these payment options, you never have access to the full card data. Neither of these payment options is available through DPM because they both involve a multi-step flow that cannot be made to work in the context of DPM.



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