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DPM - receipt page...(PHP passing info)

ok, so you submit, it comes back to the relay_response page... then forwards to the receipt page.


in the relay i update the transaction info in my database (starting the trans_id , approval status etc)


now, how do i pass a field to the receipt page without using get!??  i have tried and tried to get $_SESSIONS working but something with the submit process is interfering and not allowing it. Im not sure its a good idea to pass the transaction ID or my inv id in the url since that could be guessed, changed, etc...


any ideas?


$_Sessions shouldn't work.  URL redirect with both your invoice id and transactionID should be ok, or add the authorize code.  Just check to make sure they match what you saved(DB) on the relay response page.

Someone said they can do a javascript form post with invoice Id,etc  on the relay response page to your receipt too.