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DPM timeouts today

Anyone else seeing DPM timeouts today?


We had 28 failed transactions between ~ 5-6:30am PT. Prior to that, the last timeout we saw was five days ago.


I noticed on the status page there's potentially some network issues?


> Investigating - We have received reports of merchants seeing network connectivity issues. We believe this may be due 

> to a third-party network provider, at this time. We are investigating the matter. 

> Jun 1, 08:13 PDT


Maybe that was the cause?


We've examined our logs and see no evidence of the failed transactions (the first thing we do is log the transaction id to a flat file).


Looking at the server status on our side, I don't see any load issues during that period.

Any suggestions?


And why haven't more people voted on my product idea, eh?!?! ;-)


Just received another DPM timeout. Last one was at 6:37am PT yesterday.

Again, no evidence of it in the logs. No server issues.


I'm beginning to think DPM just isn't ready for production use. We're going to start looking for alternate gateway providers, since this happens too often and there's no support from




I am receiving a HUGE number of DPM timeouts as well. Here is our scenario.


Customer hits submit. Posts to then they return them to our relay response url.


My relay response URL is executing in under 2 seconds (0-1 for 99%) of them.


We still get the script timeout errors with a transaction id, my script had successfully recorded the transaction in most cases. There are a handfull that never appear in my logs and thusly do net get recorded as successfull transactions. Leading to the customer trying to pay again and getting dupe charged.


So far tech support has come up short.


For us we started to notice this on 5/29/2015.

@webjedi interesting that you're seeing the requests come in usually.


We had three more this morning between 10:23-10:25am PT. Again, no sign of them in the logs and no server load issues.


It's just so frustrating that we have no idea what is seeing on their side. 


We handle the transactions in two phases, BTW. The DPM performs an AUTH only. When the user is returned to the site successfully, we perform the capture using AIM. That way, at least, if the DPM fails, the customer isn't actually charged. Not that it doesn't cause problems, but helps to minimize duplicate charges.




My guess is that they have a network issue. Most requests are coming in and returning fine. However some requests that come in and complete, never make it back to them. Some requests never make it to us.


In my experience the customer can't discern the difference between an Auth and a capture and we end up getting the same questions from the customer. This is due to the way their bank presents the information to them.

Have seen no timeouts since 6/3. :)


No changes on our side and traffic is higher than during the period we were seeing timeouts.

Really need more visibility into the causes.



Have still not seen any timeouts. Something change? Very happy with how stable it appears to be currently...


Well, we're not that lucky, still seeing DPM timeout a few times a day, about 0.1% of the 4000 transactions.  We'll be using a different vendor for credit card processing if this isn't solved.



I got the same thing today!!!!!!


I've been smashing my head over this for hours, and support does not at all understand that this is on THEIR end.


Of course they said, it is the responsibility of the developer.




I will be watching this thread closely, and post back if I hear back from my ticket.

We have experienced a high number number of DPM timeouts today as well.  It's been happening all day, but got worse around 5pm central time.