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Data possibilities with CIM

What is all the data that can be stored into the CIM? Can anyone provide a list such as:

1) Credit card number

2) Credit card date

3) Billing address

4) CSV number

5) ...


Accepted Solutions

in the doc, create customer profile and payment profile

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in the doc, create customer profile and payment profile


I have two questions:


1) Is it permitted to save CVC/CVV numbers in CIM?


2) What is the advantage and disadvantage of requiring CVC/CVV from customers?



1)CCV number is not saved, it only use for validation.


2)I think you get lower fee with CVV. because more fraud protection.

1) Ok

2) Where can I confirm and check this?

3) How can I determine what are the available options regarding what information I need to take from the customer upon the purchase - in order for to accept the transaction:

a) Scenario 1: only credit card name, number, and expiration date

b) Scenario 2: credit card name, number, expiration date and CVV code

c) Scenario 3: credit card name, number, expiration date, CVV code and billing address



2)contact your merhant bank.


3) would accept all a,b or c, as long as you didn't set any as required fields on the merchant account settings. They are just the middle between you and the processor.

But the more info, the better as card issuing bank accepted/declined transaction based on the info you send or not with the transaction.

I see that there is no Address 2 field in the documentation. Is there a possibility to capture data from the customer as:
Address 1:
Address 2:

No. It only have 1 address line.