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Debit cards always declined?

We have a live site which correctly processes credit cards, both domestic and foreign.


But when a customer enters a debit card through our store (processing as credit card), the transaction is always declined as follows:



 Transaction ID: ############
Transaction Status: Declined  (Card declined by issuer - Contact card issuer to determine reason.)
Settlement Information
Settlement Amount:USD 186.22
Settlement Date and Time: 
Authorization Information
Authorization Amount:USD #######
Submit Date /Time:21-Jun-2013 ######### CDT
Authorization Code: 
Reference Transaction ID:Not Applicable
Transaction Type:Authorization w/ Auto Capture
Address Verification Status:Street Address: Match Zip: Matched all digits (X)
Card Code Status:Matched
CAVV Result Code:Not Applicable
Fraud Score Applied:Not Applicable
Recurring Billing Transaction:N
Partial Capture Status:Not Applicable
Customer IP:###.###.###.###



I've found that the same declined debit card can be entered into the Virtual Terminal (speaking with the customer via phone), and it will be approved!



What's going on?!


Accepted Solutions

Solved. It turns out that this wasn't a real problem.


I tested my own debit card and it was accepted fine.

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Can you match everything on the transaction Detail screen?

for example, Customer IP would be blank on the VT, might be something else too.

else you would have to contact the card issuer to detemine the reason.


When I log into the Virtual Terminal, I typically enter the customer's debit card number, expiration date, CCV, and billing address (usually copied and pasted from the customer's declined transaction). It magically works in the VT. That's as close as I can get to matching everything, besides customer IP, like you mentioned.


It's not limited to any particular cards or customers: every single debit card is declined through our store. I've called and our merchant service provider; customers have called their banks. No one I've spoken with has any idea why legitimate card information is declined.


Note that all card data is okay and street address and zipcodes match in every instance. We're able to process all regular credit cards (non-debit, anyway).


What data changes in the gateway and processor when a debit card is processed as a credit card? Anything?



Can you compare the declined web transaction with a success VT transaction, fields by fields on the transactions detail screen on the merchant account.

Solved. It turns out that this wasn't a real problem.


I tested my own debit card and it was accepted fine.