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Debit transaction (loading/withdrawing to a card)

We're currently developing a e-wallet system like PayPal, using API (AIBMS account).

We've created the load-to-account function (using AIM), but we're not sure is it possible to make withdraw-to-card?

3 REPLIES 3 is for payment processing only. Withdraw is probably like making a payment. But don't have anything for loading money to card.


Am I allowed to use this method for my goal:


To issue refunds using Expanded Credit Capabilities:


1. Log into the Merchant Interface at
2. Click Virtual Terminal under Tools in the main left side menu.
3. Choose Refund a Credit Card.
4. Provide the full credit card number and expiration date. Additional required fields are indicated on the Virtual Terminal.
5. Please do not include the transaction ID. This field must be left blank when issuing ECC refunds.
6. Click Submit.


You are better off talk to your mechant bank to see how to do that. Even though technically that would work, it probably break the user Agreement