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Documentation bug for DPM with regard to x_fp_hash and use of the caret character?

I'm just getting started with using DPM. I'm using this PDF document for reference:


In this document it states that the x_fp_hash value is generated by taking the md5 hash of:


  • API Login ID (x_login)
  • The sequence number of the transaction (x_fp_sequence)
  • The timestamp of the sequence number creation (x_fp_timestamp)
  • Amount (x_amount)

After that it says: "Field values are concatenated and separated by the “^” character."


I've seen other documentation referring to the use of the "^" (caret) character as a delimiter also. The PDF goes into great detail on page 15 about the importance of an ending "^" (caret)


Yet, the function in the demo php code does not use any delimiter and other posts on the topic have suggested not using any delimiter. Furthermore, the PDF doesn't mention using the optional SecretKey as the first value. The documentation is so different from what the working sample code does and what other posts say that I wonder if there aren't two entirely different things going on here. 


Summary: Should values be delimited with carets or not? Is the documentation in the PDF wrong?



Okay, I had a bit of a breakthrough on what I was missing.


In the demo file "AuthorizeNetSIM.php" there are two functions:





I was looking at one and thinking it was the other. The getFingerprint(...) function does use carets according to the documentation, the other doesn't. They are for two different purposes, one for calculating a value for x_fp_hash and the other for some sort of response verification I haven't fully explored yet.