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E00013 Invalid Setting Value. hostedPaymentReturnOptions: maximum length is 1500.

We are using

AcceptHosted integration method, without IFrame or Accept.js.


That means that user is redirected (via Post) to authorize. net payment page,

and then AZ's payment page redirects user's browser back to our site, using the redirect url we provide.


The problem is, that redirect URL we provide, for our needs, needs to contain more than 3000 character length, so that when user is redirected back to us, we can recreate the minimal state of the user's session.


But errors out with the 

"... E00013 Invalid Setting Value. hostedPaymentReturnOptions: maximum length is 1500."



So how can we get passed this lenth limitation?

All modern web browsers support at least 2000 character URLs


So there are should be 2,000 for Accepted return URL, and 2,000 for 'Cancelled' return URL

Meaning that about 4,000 characters total, not 1500.



is there a way to adjust this in Accounting settings, configuration,

or, alternative, could a product manager look at it and possibly increase the limit?